Adam Shaugnessy likes to tell people that he is a superhero, a space explorer, and a pirate. None of those things are true, but Adam likes to say them anyway.
In fact, Adam is the author of The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable FIB and is currently at work on the second book in the Unbelievable FIB series. He began his career in education first as an elementary-school teacher and then as a director of school-aged programs, but gradually realized that his passion was for sharing stories. Adam also owns and runs Red Dragon Adventures, which brings story-based education enrichment programs to young people throughout New England.
Adam is currently working on his master’s degree in children’s literature at Hollins University. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, Jane, their cat, Sydney, and an unnamed mouse that Sydney has yet to catch, but Adam is sure she will.

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Author Q&A

1. Favorite books/authors who inspired you?
This is bound to be a long list for any writer! Some favorites from my childhood include Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain, Susan Cooper’s Dark Is Rising sequence, Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series, David Eddings’ Belgariad, Douglas Adams’ Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Chris Claremont’s initial run on the Uncanny X-Men comics. I also read every book about King Arthur I could get my hands on!

2. What’s your writing routine?
Basically I shout, “Hey! Look over there!” to myself. Then, when I’m not looking, I sit myself down at my computer and open up whatever project I’m working on. By the time I realize how I’ve tricked myself, it’s too late! I have no choice but to start working.

3. What part of your book was the most fun to write?
I really enjoyed writing the interactions between Pru and ABE. I especially enjoyed the opportunities for humor that arose from their differences. ABE is very literal and honest and Pru is . . . well, not, usually.

4. Which part was the most difficult?
The hardest part was trying to make sure the mystery works. I wanted to give readers enough information to figure it out for themselves, but I didn’t want to make it too easy.

5. Is there one particular character in your new book that you most relate to? Why?
This book actually began as an interactive story I created for kids almost ten years ago. In that program, I actually role-played as the character Mister Fox, so there are many times in the book where his voice is very similar to mine.

6. What advice would you give aspiring writers?
Have fun! Honestly, I don’t think that gets said enough. Craft is critical. There’s no doubt. But have fun with your writing. Play with words. Play with ideas. Never forget that this is something you enjoy.

7. Cats or dogs?
Cats. (That one was easy.)

8. If writing weren’t part of your daily work, what career would you like to have?
I’d like to have more time to devote to visual arts. I love to draw, and when I was younger I wanted to be a comic book artist.

9. Which author would you most like to spend the day with?
Neil Gaiman. I think he might be a secret wizard. It’s the only way to explain how he blurs the line between reality and fantasy so masterfully.

10. What is your secret superpower?
I have an amazing ability to recall theme songs from shows I watched as a child. Especially cartoons.